Supersize Your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Practice By Up To 75%

Maximize Your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Practice Growth & Revenue

With our expertise and deep industry knowledge, we have helped numerous Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Practices achieve remarkable results and transform their practices for tremendous success.


Revenue Growth

Our revenue growth strategies are based on proven methods and best practices insights that help your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation practice build revenue quickly and sustainably.


Patient Engagement

We help you leverage technology and other tools to engage patients and improve outcomes. Reduce costs while significantly improving the patient experience.


Certificate Training

Our certification and certificate training programs provide Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Professionals and staff with the skills and knowledge they need to success. 


Practice Consulting

We provide expert consulting services that leverage our deep expertise to help your organization solve complex problems and find new opportunites.

Grow Your
Physical Therapy &
Rehabilitation Practice

The Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Practice segment of healthcare is the subject of massive disruption. This includes the acceleration of new disruptive competitive business models and hyper-consumerism. That’s why Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Practices need to deploy a whole new range of growth strategies to drive predictable growth and marketplace relevancy. Your patients expect exceptional experiences across the five touchpoints of their journey with your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Our program is designed to help you engineer those experiences and grow your practice by up to 75% – without spending more on advertising.

Maximize Revenue

Research shows that less than 50% of practice revenue comes from just marketing. We find that well over 50% of growth and new revenue comes from exceptionally happy patients that promote your practice to other potential patients.

Additionally, happy patients drive patient retention, leading to scalable revenue growth. In a time of hyper-consumerization,  cosmetic dentist practices must develop a Patient Experience Strategy (PXS) that provides patients with friction freedom, personalization, and experiences that go far beyond traditional and outdated practice growth methods.

Scalable Revenue Growth

We “supersize your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation practice growth” through significant improvements in patient satisfaction, employee happiness, and practice excellence, allowing your practice to attract and keep mission-critical talent while driving sustainable and predictable practice and revenue growth.

We help Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation professionals achieve scalable revenue growth fast!

Our integrated Growth Plan and Training Program will allow you to lead your market while
providing a massive return on your investment with us.

Predictable Growth

Our program also fosters a happy work culture that attracts and retains mission-critical talent. We believe that prosperity and for that matter, revenue growth cannot be bought with money alone. That’s why we’re committed to helping you predictably grow your revenue while improving your quality of work life and, of course, your patients experience.

With our program, you can stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the competition. Don’t let your practice fall behind in today’s fast-paced consumer landscape. Let us help you build a successful and thriving Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Practice. Contact us today to learn more.

Growth Assessment

Leveraging our proprietary methods, we conduct a comprehensive Practice Growth Assessment to identify all growth opportunities. This comprehensive assessment provides the insights that are necessary to develop a customized and practice specific Growth Strategy.


Growth Strategy

We leverage our proprietary assessment to develop a Comprehensive Growth Strategy and Custom Certification Training Program that is extremely flexible & customizable.


Growth Strategy Implementation

Depending on the package you select, we then assist you in the full implementation of the Strategy. This will allow you to enjoy Predictable, Scalable and Meaningful Revenue Growth.

Our Three Simple Steps to Rapid Urgent Car Growth

Our powerful Practice Growth Plan is delivered across three simple steps. Our proprietary approach ensures that your Growth Plan delivers the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) while concurrently building the core competencies that are necessary to drive predictable and scalable growth.

Integrated Growth & Training Program

Our integrated Growth Plan and Training Program will allow you to lead your market while providing a massive return on your investment with us. Our powerful Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Growth Plan is delivered across three simple steps. Our proprietary approach ensures that your Growth Plan delivers the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) while concurrently building the core competencies that are necessary to drive predictable and scalable growth.

We Guarantee
Our Work

We have been providing services to the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation industry for over 35 years. Our programs are based on fresh science and our services are provided with 100% money back guarantee. Today, building a practice growth engine requires far more than just spending money on digital marketing and advertising.

As much as 75% of revenue can come from just patient referrals alone and by eliminating negative reviews through Patient Experience Design (PXD). Our approach is different, better and it’s guaranteed.

Growth Strategy Packages

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Choose Your Plan Below

Our services are customized to the unique needs of our valued clients with a goal of significantly increasing revenue, improving quality of work life for staff and providers, while concurrently reducing cost. If your practice is ready to access our 30 years of experience, we are ready to help.

Growth and Optimization Packages

Drive Rapid Growth Through Happy Patience and Staff

Practice Growth

Specialty Practices

Practice Growth for Practices that Want to Compete in a Time of Hyper-Competition

What You Get

Growth Readiness Assessment (GRA)

HX Gap Analysis Report

Consumer Centric Growth Plan

Staff and Provider HX Training

Patient Champion® Training

Patient Champion® Certification

Happiness Ideation Facilitation

Patient Champion® Patient Happiness Plan

Patient Champion® Assessment Tool

Digital Marketing Plan

Hospital Growth

Hospital and Clinic

Growth Strategies and Initiatives Implementation for Hospitals and Clinics

What You Get

Growth Readiness Assessment (GRA)

HX Gap Analysis Report

Consumer Centric Growth Plan

Staff and Provider HX Training

Patient Champion® Training

Patient Champion® Certification

Patient Champion® Certification

Patient Champion® Patient Happiness Plan

Patient Champion® Assessment Tool

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing

Full Service Digital Agency

We provide Healthcare Specific Full Service Marketing, Branding, and Digital Agency Services

What You Get

Practice Growth Consultation

Comprehensive Digital Strategy

Practice Branding and Public Relations

Patient Champion® Certificate Training

Telemedicine Training and Strategies

Local Strategic Alliances and Events

Doctor and Provider Celebrity Programs

Video and Podcast Production

Non-AI Original Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PPC Management Services

Reputation Management

Human Experience

Optimize Revenue & Profit

Attract the Best Patients, Staff and Providers with our Best in Class HX Consulting and Training Services

What You Get

Culture and Patient Experience Assessment

Custom Human Experience Design Strategy

Initiative Development

Custom Practice Growth Strategy Plan

Cost Audit to Find Wasted Money

Global Three-year Practice Strategy

Specific Recommendations for Improvement

Advanced (HaaS) Staff and Provider Happiness

Patient Experience Advocate® Strategy

Patient Champion® Practice Audit

Patient Champion® Certificate Training

Master of Patient Experience® Programs

Full Management Consulting Services

Custom Program

Full Stack of Professional Services

Best in Class Professional Services to Support Practice Optimization, Growth, and Brand Building

Services Include

Practice, and Clinic Strategic Plans

Workforce Development

Enterprise Culture Services and Training

Three Levels of Patient Experience Training

Practice Technology Consulting

Cost Management and Lean Practices

Practice Branding and Collateral Development

Celebrity Doctor Program

Print, Video and Podcast Production

Full Digital Agency Services

Leadership, Communications and CX Training

Full Management Consulting Services

Cost Containment and Profit Growth Programs


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$990/ per year

50 keyphrases optimized

10 pages optimized

2 blog post outreach

Monitoring & analysis

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$1.990/ per year

150 keyphrases optimized

30 pages optimized

8 blog post outreach

Monitoring & analysis


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$2.990/ per year

300 keyphrases optimized

60 pages optimized

16 blog post outreach

Monitoring & analysis


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The Six Myths of Healthcare Debunked

Most healthcare professionals struggle to achieve predictable and scalable growth without spending a fortune on advertising.
The truth is most of the predictable and scalable practice growth comes from the Science of the "Four Quadrants of Practice Growth and Advertising".

Here are the Six Myths debunked.

The Website Myth

Your potential patient begins their discovery journey by visiting a variety of practice websites. Most websites however are nothing more than “practice centric” brochures that virtually never convert site visitors into long-term loyal patients.

Our Customer Experience (CX) strategy allows you to build straight forward, high converting websites that leverage the Science of Customer Experience (CX) Innovation.

The Status Quo Myth

Most practices are creating physical and digital experiences that are completely outdated in a time of Hyper-consumerism. The fastest growing practices have completely reimagined the way in which they deliver exceptional experiences to both your Staff, and to their valued Consumer Patient.

The Agency Reliant Myth

Unfortunately, practices are depending on agencies that have one goal in mind, and that is to sell subscription-based services. This is good for the agency, but bad for the practice. Practices should not become reliant on advertising or advertising agencies. Remember, as much as 75% of revenue comes from Customer Experience (CX) Design, not advertising.


The Best Practice Wins Myth

Potential patients have no way to determine clinical efficacy. Correspondingly, they’re making decisions about choosing and staying with a practice based on the way in which a practice delivers friction freedom, relevancy, transparency, and exceptional experiential design.

Regrettably, some of the best practitioners have failing practices, while mediocre practices are soaring, simply because of the impact of
Customer Experience (CX) Design.

The Advertising Myth

Most digital marketing agencies are encouraging their practices to spend a fortune on paid advertising in order to grow their practice. We know however, that the most successful practices are actually spending ZERO on advertising through the proven Science of Customer Experience (CX) Design.

The DIY Myth

In healthcare we have developed hundreds of specialties, and subspecialties. The reason for this expansion is to ensure that we provide deep knowledge and training to a specific disease process or medical condition. The same is true when it comes to the new level of complexity in both practice management and revenue growth. Practices that are doing their own marketing rarely enjoy more than a fraction of the opportunities that they would otherwise enjoy through professional services.

Client Testimonial

Matti Palo, MD / Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Working with LeaderLogic taught me that it doesn’t do any good to invest in marketing to get new patients until you learn how to delight the patient you currently have. Our happy patients have become an irreplaceable part of our overall marketing.

In fact, today as a result of the work that we did with LeaderLogic, more than 73% of my patients come to my practice on the recommendation of one of my very happy existing patients. Additionally, these programs have allowed us to retain our patients, thereby alleviating the need to constantly be looking for new patients.

Another major benefit is that their work has helped us build a culture of very happy employees and that has helped our practice drive productivity and talent retention.

Get Our Valuable Free Report

Get a copy of our just released report
The Five Secrets to Rapid Practice Growth

As healthcare practices look for ways to improve their Patient Attraction, Retention, Promotion, and Reviews, we have developed a powerful report that outlines key principles that can help practices achieve significant growth in revenue.

So, what are The Five Secrets of Practice Revenue Growth? Let's take a closer look:

Significantly Better Insights
The first secret is to gain better insights into your practice's growth strategy. This means understanding your current position and identifying areas where you can improve. By using data analytics and insights, you can gain a better understanding of your patients' needs, preferences, and behaviors, allowing you to tailor your approach and develop effective strategies.

Architect Exceptional Experiences
The second secret is to go beyond the traditional notion of patient experience and instead architect exceptional experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your patients. This means taking a more holistic approach to care and considering every touchpoint, from the initial appointment booking to the post-appointment follow-up.

Build Core Competencies around CX Design
The third secret is to build core competencies around consumer experience (CX) design. This means understanding the principles of CX and applying them to every aspect of your practice, from the physical environment to the communication channels you use to engage with patients.

Build a Culture of Staff Happiness and Engagement
The fourth secret is to build a culture of staff happiness and engagement. This means investing in your staff, creating a positive work environment, and providing opportunities for growth and development. Happy staff members are more likely to provide exceptional care, leading to better patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction rates.

Build Celebrity Practice Status
The fifth and final secret is to build a celebrity practice status in your community. This means developing a strong brand identity, building a loyal patient base, and establishing your practice as a trusted authority in your field. By doing so, you can attract new patients and retain existing ones, creating a virtuous cycle of growth.

The good news is that these principles are available to all practices at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. By leveraging data insights, adopting a CX-focused approach, investing in staff, and building a strong brand identity, practices can significantly improve their revenue growth.

Clients We’ve Proudly Served

Better Insights Provide
Better Patient Experience

Our proprietary RealRatings® and Net Patient Experience systems go far beyond patient insights. Our patient insights deliver patient-centric innovations
that drive growth.