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Innovative Training Program

We have developed an innovative training program specifically designed to empower healthcare organizations and medical practices in achieving growth, profitability, and overall satisfaction among staff and patients.

Our programs offer a competitive advantage, showcasing a commitment to building competencies in leadership, professional development, communication, patient experience, and provider and staff happiness.

Delivering Predictable Return on Investment

Every aspect of your organization is driven by people, making core competencies in new practice success areas crucial. Our comprehensive research, which draws upon multiple number-one bestselling books, trend analysis, and future-ready practices, forms the foundation of our training programs. These programs aim to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance practice culture and patient happiness.

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The Benefits of Our Program

Attracting and retaining mission-critical providers and staff.

Significantly improving productivity and presenteeism.

Driving growth by up to 70% without extensive advertising investments.

Achieving substantial improvements in social ratings.

Earning major advancements in patient satisfaction scores.

Competing against emerging practice models.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Our training programs are tailored to specific job functions within different practice areas. This ensures a seamless connection between essential skills and job requirements. Furthermore, we customize our programs to cater to the unique needs of our clients and the healthcare market segments they serve.

Patient Experience Training for Practice Growth

Our three certificate and certification programs target practice growth through significant enhancements in patient retention, promotion, and the prevention of negative reviews. We go beyond the traditional concept of patient experience, incorporating the latest research in human experience design. By implementing our programs, you can establish a strategic plan centered around happiness, reducing provider burnout, and improving staff and patient satisfaction. Additionally, our programs offer subscription options and coaching services.

Patient Champion®

This certificate program equips patient-facing staff and providers with the necessary skills to significantly enhance relationships and experiences for providers, staff, and patients. Leveraging the latest instructional design approach, this program optimizes training time while improving student retention.

Patient Relationship Advocate®

Building upon the foundations of the Patient Champion program, this powerful program introduces additional modules for leaders and managers. It empowers them to improve experiences for both patients and staff. Emphasizing human experience design, this program helps practices achieve growth, profitability, and the ability to attract and retain productive talent.

Certified Master Patient Experience®

Building upon the foundations of the Patient Champion program, this powerful program introduces additional modules for leaders and managers. It empowers them to improve experiences for both patients and staff. Emphasizing human experience design, this program helps practices achieve growth, profitability, and the ability to attract and retain productive talent.

Effective Delivery of Training Programs

We offer our clients the flexibility to choose between our live virtual training program, which ensures exceptional interactivity and customization, or on-site training options based on their preferences and requirements.

About Your Instructor, Nicholas Webb.

Award-winning inventor, number one best-selling author, CEO, and innovation and strategy management consultant. 

Nicholas Webb (Nick) is the CEO of LeaderLogic®, a management consulting firm that provides consulting services to some of the top brands in the world. His clients include the likes of Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, FedEx, Salesforce Prizer, and Verizon, just to name a few.

As an inventor, Nick has been awarded over 40 US patents for technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to one of the first wearable technologies.

Nick is a prolific best-selling author with books that include The Innovation Mandate, The Healthcare Mandate, What Customers Crave, What Customers Hate, Happy Work, and Lucid Leadership.

Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct Professor at one of the country’s top medical schools. Nick is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and has recently been listed as one 0f the Top Keynote Speakers in the World of Global Guru’s Top 30 Award seven years in a row (2014-2022).


Serving The Best Organizations in the World

For 40 years we provided the freshest research and the best values, guaranteed.

Below is a small sampling of some of the top organizations in the world that we have served over the last four decards. Unlike large bureaucratic and overpriced consulting firms, we take a handcrafted approach with a laser focus on delivering a predictable return on investment for our clients.

We Know Practice Growth

Our Consulting Firm LeaderLogic® has served some of the top brands in healthcare, including Pfizer, Celgene, The Mayo Clinic, the American Hospital Association, The Health Industry Financial Management Association, Verizon, McDonald’s, Salesforce, Blue Cross, CIGNA and Johnson and Johnson, just to name a few.We know the science of practice growth

Revenue Growth Expert

Our founder, Nicholas Webb is a multiple number one Best-selling Author and Healthcare Revenue Growth Expert. Additionally, Nick has been awarded over 40 Patents for technologies across several medical specialties. His innovations include one of the world’s smallest micro silicone implants for the treatment of Ocular Surface Disease, surgical instruments, and one of the first wearable technologies.

Highly Qualified

He has served as an Adjunct Professor, and a Chief Innovation Officer at a Top Medical School. As a Healthcare Futurist, he is one of the Top Healthcare Keynote Speakers in the world. For eight years in a row, he has been designated as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus in Consumer Experience. Nicholas is also an Award-winning healthcare documentary filmmaker. His film, The Healthcare Cure has recently won the Audience Choice Award, by the prestigious Sedona International Film Festival. His fresh research and proprietary TrendGPS™ methods give our clients a competitive leg up to drive predictable, and scalable revenue growth.

Our Market Leading Research

Providing Exceptional Value

Our research comprises multiple number-one best-selling books and deep trend research. Our programs ultimately provide the following key benefits:

  1. Best-in-class live and virtual training programs
  2. World-class curriculum
  3. NanoPacket® for optimal retention
  4. Exceptional return on investment
  5. Full-service training, coaching, and consulting

Other Certification Training Programs

We specialize in assisting practices and clinics in creating exceptional certification training programs that cultivate superstar talent.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on developing core competencies that enhance efficiency, elevate the quality of work life, foster effective leadership, and ultimately improve the overall staff, provider, and patient experience

Show the market that you know your stuff.

Demonstrate your unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional patient experiences by harnessing the power of our trademarked Patient Experience Training Programs. With our comprehensive packages, you can effectively convey your expertise and genuine care for the patient experience.

Our offerings include full license rights to our registered certificate trademarks, allowing you to proudly showcase your dedication on your website, brochures, and business cards.

Additionally, our certificate and certification programs provide visually appealing certificates that can be prominently displayed within your practice, further reinforcing your commitment to excellence.

Happy patients and growth through our certification training.

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Our proprietary RealRatings® and Net Patient Experience systems go far beyond patient insights. Our patient insights deliver patient-centric innovations
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